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Maitree Lipichart's memoir of life as a Buddhist monk at a hilltop temple in northern Thailand is now available in translation as a paperback and an eBook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Distribution to retail bookstores, academic institutions and libraries worldwide is available through the Ingram and Baker & Taylor catalogs.

If you have visited or lived in Thailand you will find sketches of life, characters and events that will no doubt trigger more than a recollection or two. Those who have no or only a passing acquaintance will find stories that are accessible, engaging, sometimes humorous, always curious and illuminating. Enjoy it for the humor, the poignancy, the exotic and wondrous setting, and for the likeable and interesting characters one meets along the way.

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Cover - A Min in Saffron Robes

"remarkably candid; a deeply fascinating account of thailand and buddhism . . . An intimate look into the unique experience of entering the Buddhist monkhood in Thailand . . . Limpichart’s memoir documents his early preparation and ordination, along with his time spent at the temple of Wat Prathat Doi Kong Mu, located not far from [Burma] the country now widely called Myanmar . . . remarkable photos of Limpichart’s ordination help illustrate a ceremony few have experienced firsthand . . . Landau’s translation is approachable, never sacrificing the author’s subdued wit or thoughtful knack for descriptions.”

— Kirkus Review

“The Thai language reflects a culture that in its traditional aspects is exotic relative to what is familiar to English speakers whose cultural idiom has been shaped by the surroundings and values of modern global society. Stephen Landau has done an excellent job of rendering Maitree Limpichart’s account of his time as a Buddhist monk into informal, easily accessible English that reflects well Maitree’s original Thai version of his story. As such, Landau gives the English reader who may know little or nothing of the Thai language and the central role of Theravada Buddhism in Thai culture a genuine feel for Maitree’s experiences and observations while a member of Thailand’s Buddhist sangha.”

Victor L. Tomseth
U.S. Dept. of State, Foreign Service Officer, retired
U.S. Ambassador to Laos
Deputy Chief of mission, U.S. Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
Dir., Dept. of State Office of Thailand and Burma Affairs

“This book is a rare account in English of one man's experience living as a traditional Thai Buddhist monk. It is different from many other Thai hagiographical accounts of the lives and works of monks and valuable to scholars in Religious Studies, Anthropology, and all those interested in modern Buddhism.”

— Dr. Justin McDaniel
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania

"I’m sitting here at my desk staring down at the cover of A Man in Saffron Robes! This is an insightful and very well written piece of research and translation. So much of the book delves deeply and with feeling into a sense of Buddhism I’ve never experienced before. Simply an amazing job.”

 — Burgess Needle, Poet
Thai Comic Books: Poems from my Life in Thailand with the Peace Corps: 1967-1969

MAITREE LIMPICHART (Author) is a well-known and prolific author, a past president of the Thai Writers Association, a former Director of Public Relations for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority and a one-time candidate for the Thai senate. Born in the southern province of Nakhon Sri Thamarat, Mr. Limpichart holds an undergraduate degree from Sukhothai Thammathirat University. Over a long and distinguished career as one of Thailand's most popular authors, he has written numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, including 20 novels, some 17 collections of short stories, 3 memoirs (of which A Man in Saffron Robes is his most popular) as well as numerous picture books for children, travel books, essays and magazine articles. Today he writes popular columns for the influential Thai newspapers Siam Rath and the Daily News, and has begun to publish works that combine his talent for the written word with his artistry in painting and sketching, such as his acclaimed Muek Dam Bon Kradat Khao (Black Ink on White Paper). He has two daughters and a son and lives with his wife Pakpring in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok.
STEPHEN LANDAU (Translator) was born in New York City. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The City College of New York and Hunter College of The City University of New York. He has done post-graduate studies at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, where he studied Thai under Manas Chitakasem and the late Peter Bee, and the Geography of Southeast Asia under the late Charles Fisher. He first went to Thailand in 1967 as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer teacher of English and taught there for almost two years at the Khukhan School in Si Sa Ket province. He later served as a staff member and program manager in Peace Corps training programs in Thailand and Hilo, Hawaii. He is on the staff of The City University of New York and was formerly an IT executive with JPMorgan Chase. He lives in Greenburgh, New York with his wife Neide.